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These are the original Gratitude Fairies that started it all. Fairy Positive is a direct descendant of these original collage pieces, small stand-alone fairies ranging in size from about 8″ to 11″ in height. Many of these fairies are jointed with brads – at the very least, their wings move. All are named – but you should feel free to change the name. Some have hangers. Others have a Popsicle stick base. All are priced at $58.95. No prints will be made. There is one original fairy available per image. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.


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Estelle, Wanda, Ludwig, Zelda, Edwina, Quincy, Opal, Veronica, Periwinkle, Ruby, Antoinette, Freda, Mollie, Jade, Dorothy

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