Fairy Positive is a place to come and let your hair down, tap into your creativity, and give yourself permission to be, just as you are. In a world where anger, division, fear, victimhood, and not-enoughness seem to be the norm, it’s no wonder more of us are feeling exhausted, and worse, getting sick at alarming rates. Our physical bodies cannot thrive when our souls are depleted. The goal of Fairy Positive is to inspire you to explore, determine, and create the next – and hopefully best yet – version of you.

We launched Fairy Positive around the concept of gratitude, with The Gratitude Fairy book and related elements. It’s long been our belief that gratitude is the gateway emotion – unless and until you can experience gratitude, you’re likely to stay mired in (or continue returning to) the negative emotions that keep you stuck in lack and victim thinking.

Fairy Positive does not pretend there’s nothing negative in the world. Our goal, however, is to acknowledge the problems, take a breath, and release them. We know that what we think about, we bring about. So we are solution oriented, even in the face of the most difficult circumstances.

We are focused on the words attached to the ABC’s of Positivity – but we’re willing to broaden our horizon and steer toward any positive concept and solution, not just those on this list.

Check in weekly (or better yet, subscribe) to see our regular blog posts on all things positive. We also are developing a private membership site for those who really want to dive in for life-changing results. Offerings will include book study groups, classes in various creative endeavors, challenges, swaps, group discussions, and more.

Our goal is to focus on positivity, while acknowledging the reality of the challenging bits in life. And some of it is really challenging! But the way we deal with the challenges – viewing them as lessons and stepping stones while always looking for the silver lining, or seeing them as punishment and proof the Universe hasn’t ever really been on our side –determines where we come out on the other side of them.

Dive in and see what Fairy Positive has for you!