Abundance is so much more than monetary wealth, although it certainly includes that. Abundance is a surplus of health, good relationships, joy, and every good thing.


To be in alignment is to be in sync – with Nature, Spirit, God, Source, the Universe, or whatever you call the energy that connects us all. When we are in alignment, everything flows and life is easier.


Although perfect balance in life is almost certainly unattainable, the pursuit of balance is a noble goal. We seek to remain even in health, relationships, spirituality, work, family, community, hobbies, and recreation.


What causes you to radiate? Which pursuits, passions, places, music, art, people bring out your natural shine? Whatever they are, do more of them!


Compassion goes beyond relating to another’s feelings to wanting to help them. The more we help those who are hurting or in need, both singularly and collectively, the more healing we all will experience.


You don’t have to paint, draw, sing, or dance to express creativity. If you have a brain, you are a creative person. Creativity is a direct link to the divine – you just need to tap into the way it works in your life.


People with the capacity for discipline will achieve their goals more quickly. Whether it’s exercising, rehearsing, or following a regular routine, systems work and discipline will help you use them.


Nighttime dreams are extensions of our waking experiences and unconscious desires. You have the power to direct both your sleeping dreams and your aspirational dreams.


Education occurs well beyond the classroom. Most successful people are lifelong learners, taking tips and info from books, podcasts, videos, other people, and more. Embrace the lessons life has for you!


On social media, engagement refers to likes, shares, and comments on posts. In life, engagement means reaching out to interact with others. This connection feeds our souls.


Not always easy, but essential if we are to be at peace, forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves as much as others. To have a positive outlook, we must learn to release the hurts.


If you’re not having fun doing _(fill in the blank)_, you’re doing it wrong. OK, there are times life isn’t fun, but that’s mostly about our outlook. Seek more fun and you’re sure to find it.


While generosity comes more naturally to some than to others, we can all cultivate our giving spirit. Where can you give or say yes? Chances are you’ll feel better for doing it.


Gratitude can be seen as the gateway emotion Рto love, fulfillment, peace, and more. Finding something to be grateful  for is the fastest, most accessible pick-me-up when we get down.


Habits are the things we do every day without thinking. They can benefit us or derail us. Good habits are the cornerstone for success and happiness.


Most of us know what to do – eat well, drink enough water, sleep enough, exercise, release stress – yet so many of us neglect some aspect of it until we are sick. We can shift that today!


How willing are you to put yourself out there? To take a risk, raise your hand, be visible, speak your mind? If you want something in life, you have to go and get it.


We’re all born with it, yet many of us ignore it or pooh-pooh our inner guidance. Intuition – gut feelings – is there to serve us if we can just learn how to get out of our own way and listen.


What causes you to smile like this infant? Gives you that feeling of utter peace, contentment, and happiness? Why aren’t you doing more of it?


Do you know people who are thrilled with every moment of life? They’re joyful all the time. They are pleasant with clerks and waitstaff. They wring every drop of life out of life. That’s juiciness.


Keys open doors. They help pianos make music. Allow us to read maps. Help cryptographers solve puzzles. They can also be small, flat, sandy islands. Having the right key is often essential to success in life.


Kindness is, effectively, putting positivity into action. Doing a nice thing for someone. Being there to listen, carry groceries, say hello, send a cheery note. Welcoming the new person. So many ways to demonstrate it.


Logic means sound reasoning and good arguments. Logic allows us to troubleshoot, solve problems, and create new things. Knowing when to use it, versus our love muscles, is one key to a balanced life.


Love is so big, it’s almost indescribable – and yet it is a key component and result of living a [more] positive life. Humans need love and connection to thrive. How we show it and share it differs for each of us.


Being mindful – or having present moment awareness – means we are focused only on the moment in front of us. It’s nearly impossible always to be mindful, but the more energy we put into it, the more mindful we become.


The human body is built to move, whether through dance or exercise or simply walking around. Innovations have made moving our bodies less necessary to survival, but it is still crucial if we want to thrive.


Humans are one small part of nature, another enormous topic. The key is to become aware of our part in it, and make an effort to coexist in a way that promotes the optimal existence for all of nature’s creations.


How we fuel our bodies affects our energy level, capacity to think and reason, stress levels, and overall happiness. Eating well requires stepping outside mainstream conditioning and making good choices every day.




Practical Philanthropy















(What You Think About You Bring About)

A deeper take on the Law of Attraction, WYTAYBA is the acronym for “what you think about you bring about.” Positive or negative, wherever we put our attention determines what shows up in our lives.