Thank you for your purchase – but much more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to take this workshop! It could very well be a life-changing experience for you. In the time between now and the next workshop, here are a few things you might want to do:

(1) Celebrate valuing yourself enough to take this leap of faith! You are so worthy of the time, money, and effort it will take to commit to this workshop.

(2) If you’re on Facebook, join the private “If You Have a Brain, You Are a Creative Person” group.

(2) Spend some time thinking about your goals for the workshop. Are they personal, professional, or both? In which areas of your life would it be helpful to have a greater sense of creativity? Which thoughts might be hindering your belief that you may just be a little creative, even if you’re not quite sure how that shows up?

(3) Make a commitment to try one new thing a week. It could be taking a different way home from work or school. It might be ordering something you’ve never tried before at your favorite restaurant. It might be changing the order you do things when you get up in the morning (e.g., take your shower first if you usually brush your teeth first). It might be reading a book or a magazine in a genre you don’t usually read. Or any other of myriad different things that might be new for you.

(4) Consider investing in a small notebook where you can keep track of any inspirations or ideas that may come to you. They might be small things or big things. Chances are, either way, you have more creative thoughts than you’re giving yourself credit for.

(5) Feel free to ask any questions related to these ideas in this group!

I can’t wait to meet you!